23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What precautions has to be taken after cervical cercilage???

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Answer: Don't sit on two legs for more time. Don't lift weight beyond 3 kg. No sex . Don't walk fast . Avoid auto rikshaw and two wheeler.
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Question: What precautions need to be taken after cervical cerlage?
Answer: Complete bed rest and no body strain at all. Take tablets regularly and eat healthy
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Question: What are the precautions to be taken after cervical stitch?
Answer: Hello, Immediately after the procedure, you may experience light bleeding and mild cramping, which should stop after a few days.This may be followed by an increased thick vaginal discharge, which may continue for the remainder of the pregnancy. You may receive medication to prevent infection or preterm labor.
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Question: Precautions to be taken after removal of cervical stitches
Answer: Hi dear of removal of cervical stitch in time your service can start delete and you make it a regular contraction and then make it into labour so avoid doing anything that can stress your lower abdomen. Avoid doing exercise, specially sex. Hope it helps.
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