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Question: What kind of stitches given in c-section.. And how does it removed... Also do they pain and till what time

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Answer: Hello! The Stiches which are given are generally dissolvable. Yes, they will definitely pain on the day of surgery, but it is nothing like unbearable. However, you are given pain killers which reduces the pain to minimal and by next day the pain is almost gone. Please, don't stress so much about it as it will make your situation more difficult too deal with. Don't wi, c-section is not that's bad as most of the people project but yes normal delivery isn't always better... Take care
Answer: Hello! If you are planning a c-section, your stitches or staples will probably be removed within four to five days after your surgery, usually while you’re still recovering in the hospital. it takes two to 3 weeks to completely heal apply the powder and stuff given by doc and avoid water or other things to contact it can create infection and can further delay the healing process dont worry its natural for the pain at least we are in a generation where they give only small cut.
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Question: On I had c section and Tuesday they removed stitches, please suggest some tips to heal the wounds properly
Answer: Gynae gives an ointment to apply on stitches... Kindly consult them and don't apply anything on ur own.. Keep the area dry always to heal fast. Use orthopedic belt to support your back while walking around... Avoid stairs and strain.. Eat only light non oily food.
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Question: After c section how much does it pain?nd how much does it bleed??when they dress the wounds is it painful??do they press the belly and bring out the blood to prevent infection while dressing???
Answer: Dear do not worry. They do not press out Antibiotic help in killing the infection Also ointment is given to apply on the area. Are you still in 34 weeks or you have dilivered? Do. Not stress yourself Do not be very predictive may be you have a vaginal delivery. Take care
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Question: Do c section stitches pain after delivery? How long does it take to recover and does practitioner provide any painkillers?
Answer: Yes dear there is antibiotics for stiches to be healed and it will take up to two months for complete healing. Till then you might experience pain but it's bearable
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