5 months old baby

Question: What kind of solid foods can i start to give for my six months old baby?

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Answer: Breast milk or formula milk. Pureed fruits (banana, pears, peaches, avocado) Pureed vegetables (well-cooked carrots, sweet potato) Pureed tofu or cottage cheese Small amounts of unsweetened yogurt (no cow's milk until age 1) Pureed pulses. Iron-fortified cereal (oats, barley) How much per day 1 teaspoon fruit, gradually increased to 2 or 3 tablespoons in four feedings 1 teaspoon vegetables, gradually increased to 2 or 3 tablespoons in four feedings 3 to 9 tablespoons cereal in 2 or 3 feedings
Answer: Homemade cerelac, dal ka pani, mashed potato,rice ka pani, ragi n suji porridge etc u can give this all..
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Question: My baby is 9 months old.. What kind of solid foods I can give her?
Answer: Hi dear. Your baby is just 9 months so you should not give solid food instead give liquid and semi solid food to you baby . Give vegetables khichdi, oatmeal, wheat dalia, daal rice, mashed banana, idli, moong daal, rice water, boiled potato, besan halwa, sooji halwa etc. You can also give mashed apple, mashed papaya, pomegranate juice, chikkoo, banana shake, mango shake, fruit custard etc.
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Question: My baby 6 months old can i start solid ...what kind of solid food can i start now
Answer: You can start solid food. Start with rice and dal. But it has to be well cooked and in pureed form. Not to add salt or sugar initially. Give one type of food for 2-3 days to see if the baby has an allergy to that food. start with 1 - 2 teaspoon, and see how baby reacts to a food. If baby refuses then don't force try again after few days.
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Question: My baby is six months old, how to start solid foods & what should i give??
Answer: First u try fruit juices like watermelon then try purees like apple, pear, mashed banana then start homemade cerelac prepared by using all pulses and dry fruits
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