20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What kind food I need to have for high sugar levels,can I have mango leaves water, kindly suggest how I can control my sugar levels

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Answer: Dear consult to ur dr nd take sugar medicinr as ur dr suggest u..Eat variety of food,Dont skip means take high fiber food such as fresh fruits vegetables whole grain bread nd cereals nd dried peas beans. Go 4 walk daily nd do exercise nd take Jeera water is good for patients suffering from diabetes. take all berries as strawberry and another berries too ,cheery ,peach ,apricots, apple ,orange ,pears as well as kiwi r best options too..all these r safe while pregnsncy even in diabetis too . . try it dear dear u can take mango even in diabetis tooMangoes are rich in carbohydrates and their calorie content is also high but they do not affect the blood glucose when consumed in moderation. If you are adiabetic, you need to limit the portion of the mangoes you consume to 1-2 slices in every two days..then only its safe 4 u .
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Question: I am in hospital coming for delivery my Bp very high how to control by Bp
Answer: Dear now you are in hospital . Doctor will give you medicine to lower bp. You should not take more stress. Keep calm yourself others wise it will not low. From more water .
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Question: I have a high blood pressure for the last 2 yrs can it affect my pregnancy what measures can I take to be safe
Answer: Dear in pregnancy bp should be 120/80.. so dear take bp tablet as ur dr suggest u ..Control Sodium Intake,Bananas, tofu, avocados, bananas, almonds, and soy milk because magnesium not only helps maintain a healthy level of blood pressure.,Avoid Caffeine,Avoid Junk Food,sleep 8 to 10 hours daily.
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Question: What kind of medicines I need to have at this time as could not visit hospital due to covid situation?
Answer: For me doctor prescribed vitamin calcium and folic tablets .
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