39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What it's mean right uterine artery shows diastolic notch,however right utero placental flow appear nrml..plz explain

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Question: What is the mild early diastolic notch in uterine artery
Answer: Hi dear diastolic notch is basically the pattern of blood flow it shows how the blood is being float to different versions from Placenta and if there is a mild notch there is nothing to be worried about because if it is mind then it has a chance to disappear on its own.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Right uterine artery - no diastolic notch Left uterine artery - shows diastolic notch What is the meaning of ths? Is any pbm?
Answer: Hi dear diastolic notch is basically blood resistance and the blood flow is not upto the mark and shows a diastolic notch if it is mild there is no problem but if it is a little more than your doctor might put you on medication for sometime to treat it .. Hope this helps!
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Question: right uterine artery shows early diastolic notch with reduced diastolic flow and mildly raised values,while left uterine is normal.pls advise
Answer: Has your doctor prescribed medicines like ecosprin or some supplements etc.? Does she seem worried? How's baby's growth so far~
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