4 months old baby

Question: What is to Do if the lil one doesn't feed in sleep

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Answer: Not to worry if he feels hungry he will show some movement or start crying let he sleep
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Question: What to do if the baby doesn't do potty properly?
Answer: Hello dear. Your baby at this stage begin to have fewer bowel movements and it is common for breast fed babies to go a day without passing stools. The frequency of your babies bowel movements shouldn't be a particular cause for concern unless there is no movement for 4 - 5 days or if baby seems to be in pain. You should check consistency of the stools rather than frequency, as solid, pellet like poos may indicate constipation. Take care.
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Question: My child doesn't sleep much during the day. Her sleep is very less. What to do
Answer: Hello dear, Start your baby sleeping routine by — baby body massage, the bath and a fix sleeping schedule. A dark, quiet and comfortably cool environment can help encourage your baby to sleep. Put your baby to bed drowsy, but awake. ... Avoid holding, rocking or feeding your baby to sleep. .. Once your baby acclimates to her new developmental abilities, sleeping patterns should return to baseline.
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Question: Hello doctor .... is it ok if baby doesn't burp after feed,? When she is in sleep???
Answer: Yes it is fine if your baby doesn't burp after a feed... however if your baby doesn't burp she may not sleep for a long time...so even if your baby is asleep put her on your shoulders and keep tapping her back..she will burp...
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