15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What is tiffa scan nd when will b it done?

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Answer: It is also called anomaly scan.. Itmust be done in 18 to 22 weeks this scan for detecting the babys lungs. Heart kidneys as well as babys growth
Answer: ur doctor will suggest dont hurry
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Question: What is tiffa scan?? When it will be done??
Answer: Hi Tiffa scan ya targeted imaging for fetal anomalies, isko anomaly scan bhi bolte hai. Yeh kafi important hai jisse bache me koi bhi birth defect ka pata chalta hai. isse 18-20 weeks me kia jata hai and isse aapke baby ke antadiyo ka, baby ke hulchul ka, afi liquid level ka, placenta ke position ka, koi birth defect ya chromosomal abnormality ka pata lagaya ja sakta hai
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Question: tiffa scan when will be done
Answer: Hi congrats, Tiffa scan is done at 18 to 23 weeks as detailed study of your growing baby needs to be done...during the scan each and every part of the fetus imaged using the rule of 3...which is normal and safe...even I got this scan done as we and doc need to know if baby is growing properly and safe... consult with your doc on this... take care ☺ 👍
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Question: What is tiffa scan ,when it is to be done?
Answer: Hi! TIFFA is the name of the scan it is also called anomaly, its taken between 19-22 weeks of pregnancy to check if thr is any structural anomaly or if any problem in organ development . Hope this helps!
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