25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: EFW Hadlock4 = 490g +_72 . 22w1d what is this

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Question: EFW:1634 gms +/-239 gms what is this +/- indicate?
Answer: The foetal weight cannot be exact,so it is always mentioned with some grams more or less.when it is + it means more and - m and less.so your baby weight right now is 1634 grams with either 239 grams more or less.
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Question: My efw is 290...is this ok ??
Answer: Hi! Its fine at 20 weeks, the ideal weight is 300 gm and your baby is 10 gm less than the ideal.. Hope this helps!
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Question: what is EFW and BPP
Answer: These are short form of medical term EFW is estimated fetal weight matlab baby ka weight and BPP is bio physical profile is includes the study of various physical activities of fetus .
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