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Question: What is the use of lonopin injection

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Answer: Hi, Lonopin it's a drug causing thinning of the blood. Doctor suggests if a person is having history of spontaneous Abortions, Miscarriages? The drug has its own side effects. Lonopin (Enoxaparin) is given in combination with Aspirin, to try and prevent miscarriage. If the baby develops fetal heart and the growth of the baby is proper can discontinue only after consulting with your doctor.
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Question: What is the use of T.T injection
Answer: Hello dear TT injection helps in fighting against tetanus bacteria and ur antibodies are passed on to your growing baby so that your baby is also protected from the disease for the first few months of her life until she gets her first TT vaccine.
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Question: Doctor said me take lonopin injection daily till 7th month.. is this injection needed?? And what is the use??
Answer: There are specific indications to start lonopin, It cause thinning of blood it is usually given in the cases of history of miscarriages Or in the cases where the blood clot is present maybe your doctor has given it to you to prevent any problem which he could suspect, You can ask your doctor about the specific reason I understand that taking these injections must be really difficult for you but have faith in your doctor
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Question: What is the use of betenosol injection
Answer: It is for lung maturation of the baby..if the baby delivered preterm,it can survive without risk
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