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Question: What is the use of hydroxyprogesterone caproate injection ip..

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Answer: It's to prevent preterm birth and to safe guard pregnancy. It also reduces the risk of miscarriage.
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Question: My doctor has prescribed the injection- Sifasi 5000IU (Chronic Gonadotrophin Injection IP 5000IU). Is it safe during pregnancy? What is the function of the said Injection. Please advice.
Answer: hello dear I took Sifasi shots every week till I completed 12 weeks dear it just helps your baby to implant properly by producing enough HCG hormone to support the pregnancy. so its safe dont worry
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Question: What is the use of betenosol injection
Answer: It is for lung maturation of the baby..if the baby delivered preterm,it can survive without risk
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Question: What is the use of T.T injection
Answer: Hello dear TT injection helps in fighting against tetanus bacteria and ur antibodies are passed on to your growing baby so that your baby is also protected from the disease for the first few months of her life until she gets her first TT vaccine.
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