Question: what is the symptoms of boy or girl in womb

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Answer: I heard that female baby's do more activity and anxious in the womb than a male child...but it's all a myth...don't worry or stress urself....enjoy your pregnancy....watevr comes is a wonderful blessing...😊
Answer: There are no such symptoms. All the pain discomfort stress tiredness happiness movement feel during pregnancy is irrespective of baby’s gender. Only way to know gender is going for sex determination test.
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Question: What is the symptoms of girl or boy
Answer: Hi dear , unfortunately there is no specific symptoms which you can feel from outside to identify gender of your Unborn baby. You may try many ways but all are myth, trust me.Yes there are many websites which claim they can predict the gender with the help of symptoms. Many believes that following the Chinese calendar may help to identify. But there is no evidence to support this.
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Question: What r the symptoms to identify boy or a girl in the womb
Answer: Hi dear, i can understand the curiosity and trust me the surprise and wait of 9 month worth it.  An ultrasound technician can tell you, but they can be wrong and in India it's also against our law.  I would suggest you to pray for healthy baby as weather its girl or boy we being moms our love and affection won't be any different.  Hope you have a healthy baby.  Take care. 
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Question: What is the difference between symptoms if boy or girl in the womb
Answer: Hi dear, Unfortunately there are no physical symptoms that could predict gender of your baby.though are plenty myths around regarding baby gender,but they are not true and have no scientific.. the only way is through ultrasound scan in second trimester,that could reveal the gender of your baby.and if you are in India,then it is illegal to determine gender of unborn baby.i know as a parent we could be very curious about the baby in womb,but trust me a healthy baby is all we just pray baby is healthy and have no complications.wish you all the best!
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