17 months old baby

Question: What is the right age to potty train a baby. My son is 15 months old and since its winters I am highly relying on diapers. But once summers will come i am planning to keep him diaper free and start pee potty training. Any advice or tips please.

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Answer: Dear I will share the method of potty training which works for me. The signs which they show : They starts to pull the pants down on their own. They will start hiding when they wants to pee or poop . Things which we need to follow when they are ready : Put them in underpants ( don't use training diapers when they are at home) because we have to make them feel uncomfortable . When the pants are wet they should feel it is uncomfortable we have to remove it. Pee Activity : for every half an hour we need to follow an activity. Hold their hands sing a song and walk them to restroom Make them sit on the potty , encourage them to pee , of they pee less ask them, try again please.. they will try. Then pick them up to wash the hand. One drop of soap, make bubbles. Wash the hands ( tell them dont waste the water,fish needs water,Octopus needs water )(my son loves fish and octopus thtsy I used that ) Wipe the hands with towel , walk out. While wearing the pants , start reading the pants which is front and back show the pictures , help them pull up… Make them involved and to get interest towards the training … eventhough they show less interest in all steps, bubble time( washing hands ) 100% they will be interested to do that. Hold that interest . In a day repeat this pee activity for every one hour… slowly they will get used to that. Poop Activity : that's bit difficult because poop activity never gets complete without us… we have to help them in wiping.. so take it slow.. make them poop inside the potty thts the success . Early morning after brushing the teeth , give them one tablespoon of honey and warm milk following that( honey optional).. after 10 minutes take them to potty make them sit atleast for 15 minutes.. sing songs or do something ( our aim is to make them sit) they poop or doesn't poop its not important… make them sit in potty for 15 min that's the goal If they want to poop they will start hiding, grab them at that time make them sit on the potty ask them to poop.. they will be angry,they won't poop , it happens… our goal is to grab them at the right time. One day they will poop… when they poop in the potty , show them and encourage them … give them thumbs ups , tell them mission accomplished you will be rewarded… they will get enthusiastic. Till that day comes keep on doing these both activities without breaking..Could understand its tough but it worths the pain…
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Answer: Hi there are training pants available. It is water proof but the baby feel wet after one or two pees. So they will learn soon. Buy from super bottom. Best Indian brand
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Question: my baby is 3 months old. since his birth he is having gas trouble.I used to give him breast milk n lactogen 1. when he was 2 months old,he had stomach infection n was doing vomitting and potty..After giving him medicines for abt 20 days , he wasn't improving. Then doctor asked me to only give breast milk and not formula for 5 dàys.I gave only breastmilk but still he was doing watery potty many times a day n had mucus in it.Then again doctor told me to stop giving him breastmilk and recommended a lactose free milk for diarrhoea and my baby stopped doing poop again n again. now from abt 10 days i am giving him this milk and he is fine. he often does vomitting after meals bt his potty is right.but whenever i tried giving him breast milk once or twice in a day, he starts doing poop 3-4 times a day.Inspite of all this,his weight is fine n he is active.I am so worried about his health for not able to digest breastmilk n whats the problem with him and how long he has to take this lactose free milk
Answer: Hello dear, don't panic, some babies can't bear lactose,and they have lactose tolerance issues. and not able to drink breastmilk or formula milk. You can give lactose free milk till 6 month or can discuss with your doctor about it.
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