6 months old baby

Question: what is the respectable dosage for thyroid medic while breast feeding

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Answer: Hello! For the dosage please contact your doctor.
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Question: What to do for breast pain while feeding
Answer: Hie Cracked or bleeding nipples or pain in breast are usually the result of an improper latch,the baby may not be getting enough of the areola in her mouth Also, whenever you pull your baby off the breast, insert your pinky into the corner of her mouth first to break the seal. Apply a hot compress on your breast just before feeding to help milk let down you may as well have a warm drink like a glass of water ,milk or green tea Applying breast milk onto cracked nipples may help them heal by offering antibacterial protection Wipe your breast with plain water post feeding as it may cause yeast build up Wipe it with water and apply green tea bags . You can consult your pediatrician to recommend creams for soothing sore nipples, and you can wipe it away just before a feeding you can continue to breastfeed your baby when you have cracked or bleeding nipples, though it can be very painful.  If your problem is severe with cracked nipples, see your pediatrician or a certified lactation consultant to help you with proper feeding position and latch .
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Question: What are the risks for the baby of mothers suffering with thyroid? Dosage in final stage is @100mg.
Answer: I hope it is 100 mcg..microgram instead of 100 mg.Requirement of thyroid hormone increases during pregnancy.In the first trimester its requirement will be more.During 2 nd trimester onwards fetus will develop its own thyroid gland and starts producing it but it may not be sufficient for it.So mothers who are suffering from hypothyroidism must take treatment by having thyronorm tablets in sufficient dose as suggested by an endocrinologist preferably.They will change the dose usually after 4 to 5 weeks according to ur TSH value at that time.T3 and T4 are the thyroid hormones.TSH is thyroid stimulating hormone.In most of the cases T3 and T4 levels will be in the limit but if TSH value is above the limit or near to border line you will have to go for treatment for hypothyroidism.In this case eventhough T3 and T4 are in the limit higher TSH value indicates that the demand for thyroid hormone is more.Lack of thyroid hormone has adverse effects on babies.It can affect the IQ of babies...mental health..cause miscarriage etc
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Question: Sometimes breast is paining while feeding. What is the reason?
Answer: Hello dear.. Pain in breast during breastfeeding happens due to formation of milk duct or engrossed breast,some milk can be accumulated already i breast, so that it makes pain when baby latches..to overcome this problem follow these ideas... Massage on each breast before you start to feed the baby, it releive milk not to become duct Always wear maternity brazier, so that feeding might be easier Wash nipple and aerola, after feeding You can also give cold compress,so that pain might reduce You can hand express or can use pump to express milk ,it will reduce pain,so that milk production can increased Contact your gynaecologist, so that they prescribe ointment to releive pain...
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