22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What is the remedy for varicose vein. Plz suggest

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Answer: Hi! Dont stand for too long, keep sitting in between chores,increase vit d,go for regular walks, if its very bad then there are special stockings that come which help curing it. Please see your gynea before trying for any medicine. Good luck
Answer: Hi!
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Question: Varicose vein remedies...
Answer: Varicose veins develops when small valves in vein become weak .blood flow on those vein is less.sometims it is painful and gives you discomfort.do the following home remedies. 1.Do regular exercise which helps better blood circulation.as you are pregnant do walking,yoga.it will help you to co me out of varicose veins. 2.use compression stocking .you can get it easily from all medical stores 3.cut down salty foods eat potacium rich foods like patato and leafy vegetables 4.eat more flavonoids which includes vegetables,spinach,broccoli,all citrus fruits, apples, grapes.hope it will help.happy pregnancy dear.
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Question: I am suffering from varicose vein for both legs .is it cause
Answer: If it is not too much serious if you see that the area near thighs or the area near your ankles is very much Swollen and the veins are very much Sowlan and on touching the pain then I will advise you to talk to your gynaea just because applying pressure is the only way to subside these veins .and painkiller plus compression stockings. Injecting relaxants into veins will not be advised in case of high-risk pregnancy.
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Question: My husband is forcing me to continue second pregnancy I have varicose vein... What to do.. Please suggest
Answer: Hello dear. First of all do nothing because someone is forcing continue only if you want to. There are ways to get relief in vericose veins. So I am sharing those remedies with you. Elevate your legs. For immediate relief from the pain and discomfort associated with varicose veins, elevate your legs above your heart. Exercise and stretch your legs. Use cold water.Don’t sit cross legged, Avoid standing or sitting for too long and lastly Maintain your weight. Hope it helps.
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