19 months old baby

Question: what is the reason of bloating of bellies in toddlers. My baby is one year 7 months old

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Question: My one year old son has white spots on finger nails. What is the reason?
Answer: Hi dear Nothing to worry it indicates nothing serious it could mean some sort of deficiency like calcium,zinc or biotin.hope this helps
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Question: My baby is 1 year 7 months old, what can feed him in the morning? Any healthy suggestion...
Answer: Hello Breakfast: methi parantha or omlet with butter Glass of milk Lunch: kala chana sabzi Chapati or chicken , fish lamb gravy with a bit of Pepper or vegetables Curd Evening snack: Apple  Soya cutlets or French fries Dinner: Soya beans and shimla mirch curry Rice Tuesday Breakfast: Oats porridge with banana and milk Lunch: rajma, jeera rice Cucumber raita or bone soup with rice Evening snack: Pear (nashpati) Dinner: aloo and matar curry, Missi roti Wednesday Breakfast: Uttapam Coconut (nariyal) chutni Glass of buttermilk Lunch: Paneer pulao Beetroot, lauki raita or chicken soup with bread Evening snack: Pineapple Dinner:Vegetable khichdiCarrot raita Thursday Breakfast:Moong dal cheela with chopped vegetables, Glass of milk Lunch: dhuli used dal, arbi sabji, Rice Curd or shredded chicken with chapati Evening snack: Grapes (angoor) Dinner:Potato (aloo) and onion (pyaaz) parantha Curd Friday Breakfast:Dosa Sambhar Glass of buttermilk Lunch:chhole curry, parwal aloo, Rice Curd Evening snack: Orange (santara) Dinner:Vegetable pulao cucumber (kheera) raita Saturday Breakfast: suji upma with beans,carrots and coconut, Glass of buttermilk Lunch: Kadhi jeera aloo sabzi Rice Evening snack: Banana or less spice biryani with meat and vegetable of ur choice Dinner:Mushroom , matar sabji and makkai chapti. Sunday Breakfast:Paneer bhurji, Toast Glass of milk Lunch: Sarson ka saag Makki ki roti Evening snack: chikoo Dinner sambar rice.
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Question: My one year old baby passes stools immediately after having food what is the reason
Answer: Hi dear it is a good sign as it shows ur baby take a proper diet and digest it properly .its nothing to worry till the time consistency of poop is normal.
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