38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What is the reason for vaginal pain in 9 month?? Due to this i cant sleep on left and right side..please suggest something to minimize pain

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Answer: The baby is starting to drop and your pelvis is steching and getting ready to deliver. Also your baby is gaining most of its weight now and as you know your stomach is getting tighter. Try not to sit with your legs closed all the way( sit like the guys) that will take some pressure off and at night sleep with a few pillows between your legs. Keep walking just try not to put alot of added pressure on them.
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    Ila Kumbhsni379 days ago

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Question: Hi... I am 30week pregnant now and my baby is in breech position. Doctor told me to sleep only on left side but i cant to do so. Right side is very comfortable for me. If i sleep on left side, within an hour i feel like baby is putting weight on right stomach and i feel vaginal pain.. what to do for this?
Answer: Hello! Breech position can change by 32 weeks there is no problem. As for sleeping on the left, your doctor might have suggested that to sleep more on the left as it ensures that the blood and nutrients reaches properly to the placenta and the baby. But there is no problem in changing your sides. You can keep changing between right and left. Use lot of pillows to support yourself. You can also get a pregnancy pillow, which is designed to meet the requirements of expecting mothers. Take care
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Question: Is there any problem for sleeping right side? I know left side is more good. I am not able to sleep in left side due to born pain. Can you please suggest water I can do for this?
Answer: Hi! In pregnancy its better to sleep on side however sleeping at your left side which increases the blood flow to your placenta and your baby gets the nutrients it needs. Sleeping on your back at 25 weeks is not a good idea, as your blood vessels are pressed by the baby, and you will nauseated and dizzy also if you have a backpain it will increase. Good luck!
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Question: Hi , i am not able to sleep on left side due to back pain can i sleep on right side
Answer: Dear lest side is the side you must sleep during pregnancy because Sleeping on your left side will increase the amount of blood and nutrients that reach the placenta and your baby. But as you said you have back problem then you can shift to both sides but just make sure to spend more time on left side. You can lie down on your left and keep pillow on your backside for support , one pillow between your legs and one under your tummy. That will give you alot of relief and you can sleep better..
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Question: When I sleep on the left side I have a pain in right sided breast and can't sleep on right side what to do ? Plz help
Answer: U consult a doctor
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