3 months old baby

Question: What is the reason for change in baby colour

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Answer: Skin color in babies often changes with both the environment and health. When a baby is first born, the skin is a dark red to purple color. ... A baby's hands and feet may stay bluish in color for several days. This is a normal response to a baby's immature blood circulation.
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Question: What is the reason for baby's motion in green colour
Answer: Hllo if baby s on milk whether formula milk or breast milk nd do green poop its completely normal nothing 2 worry about.The formula milk that is fortified with iron can cause green poop in babies.Consistently green stools in the breastfed baby can indicate: an imbalance of foremilk/hindmilk, often resulting in frothy green stools. ... Teething can also bring about green stools due to increased saliva (can also cause tummy upset) a lot of green vegetables or something with green food coloring in mom's diet.so in both condition green poop s completely normal .
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Question: What is the reason for green colour potty in infants
Answer: There are majorly 3 reasons for baby to pass green stool. First, imbalance in foremilk and hindmilk. When baby takes only foremilk he is likely to pass green stool. For this feed baby for minimum of 20mins each breast. This way he ll get hindmilk. Second, When baby has any bacterial or viral infection like cold and cough. Apply nutmeg paste on baby's chest feet and palms daily at night. And you can also use mustard garlic ajwain oil to massage his body. Third, It could be due to stomach infection. In this case get stool test done.
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Question: What is the reason for Yellowish colour on baby
Answer: The baby might have jaudndice. Expose the baby to sun rays in the morning and evening. Also consult doctor for medicine
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