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Question: what is the reason for amniotic band?

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Answer: Hello, amniotic band syndrome is a rare condition caused by strands of the amniotic sac that separate and entangle limbs, or other parts of the fetus. Amniotic band syndrome occurs when the inner membrane (amnion) ruptures, or tears, without injury to the outer membrane (chorion). The developing fetus is still floating in fluid but is then exposed to the floating tissue (bands) from the ruptured amnion. This floating tissue can become entangled around the fetus. Band wrapped around fingers or toes of the fetus can result in amputations of the fingers or toes. A band wrapped around a limb, arm or leg resulting in restriction of movement leading to deformities such as clubbed foot. Amniotic band syndrome causes no increased risk for the mother during pregnancy. Most complications of amniotic bands are handled after birth. please do not worry everything will be ok. Hope this helps.
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Answer: Hi! Reason of decreasing is hard to pinpoint because normally it keep coming down. Amniotic Fluid Index or AFI is considered to be normal at 8-18. Medium AFI level is approximately 14 from week 20-35. After that it keeps reducing and prepare for birth however if its 5/6 its less, please continue to have; Lots of fluids- tender coconut/buttermilk Cucumber/bottle gourd/ bed rest - all these help in afi increase. Your Doctor may prescribe soms sachet to havd with water, please be happy, stress is not going to help. Good luck!
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Answer: Hi. It can be because of several reason but most sommon is gestational.diabeties. .so its omportantbto get checkd up by doctor once to know the reason.
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