8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What is the reason behind that the bleeding comes some times after embryo transfered

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Answer: hi dear! Often, women who experience spotting after embryo transfer assume the implantation failed. However, light bleeding or spotting can occur, and is especially common in instances where the cervix required manipulation during the transfer. Sometimes called an implantation bleed this type of bleeding typically originates from the uterine opening. Therefore, it will have no negative impact on the embryonic development. so dont worry dear. take care dear!
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Question: What is the reason behind that sex not in pregnancy?
Answer: It is safe to have sex but I would recommend you to get your sonography done between 6th-8th week whichever suits you best. With this first ultrasonography it will be evident that your placental position is absolutely fine and your foetus is growing well with heartbeat. Sex is usually contraindicated and not advised in low lying placenta/ threatened miscarriage /short cervix/cyst or hematoma. Do not worry just get your first ultrasound done and if everything is fine,you may start having sex.
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Question: Why am I feeling suffocate some times ?? What is the reason behind it ? During pregnancy is it normal ?
Answer: Hi dear, I am so sorry to feel your situation.pregnancy period could be troublesome for many expecting mothers.Feeling breathlessness is a common concern in pregnancy.initial stages of pregnancy breathless ness is due to hormone progesterone.which changes the way your body us d to absorb oxygen.later stages,growth of baby can press and put pressure on diaphragm there by problem in breathing.not to worry and try to stay calm.divert your mind.
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Question: I hav a sudden abdomn pain yesterday night..that was gone after some times..what is the reason of it??
Answer: It's normal to have pain during this time of pregnancy because our body starts to prepare it for real labour. It is also know as False Labour. No need to panic. You can always visit your doctor if it becomes intense.
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