15 months old baby

Question: What is the reason behind left handed in babies?

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Question: Iam getting more head ache what is the reason behind this ?
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy dear due 2 physical changes mild headache s common on pregnancy. So deae first monitor ur bp too bp s akso a reason of headache. Take ginger tea, massage to ur head wit warm mustard oil sleep 8 to 10 hours nd take nap too ..try it if u dint feel relief ask to ur gyno nd taje paracetamol as yr Dr suggest u .
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Question: M 7 weeks pregnant mom.... m having slight pain in night and morning also ..... what is the reason behind ?
Answer: It is normal to have mild pain. Its because the uterus is expanding day by day. So there maybe mild cramps, back pain, leg pain etc. But if it is severe pls consult your doctor.
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Question: Hey My pulse rate always get high. It's range is more than 135 mostly... What should I do and what is the reason behind it
Answer: Please try to stay calm and avoid spicy and oily food and make sure to take proper treatment after Consulting with your doctor
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