35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: what is the rate of increase of baby weight during 9 th month?

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Answer: Week on week 250-300g...1-1.5kg in a month
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    Chandrika Anjan501 days ago

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Question: Hii what is the ideal weight of the 9 th month baby girl
Answer: By the completion of 1 year Baby's weight shd be triple the weight of birth... For example if ur baby was 3 kg during birth by 12 months she shd be 9kg... That is the ideal weight of a baby... Hope you got it...
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Question: What will be the weight of the baby in womb during 7 th month of pregnancy
Answer: Hi dear, Your baby should weigh around 1.9 kgs by now.
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Question: What is the baby weight of 5 th month
Answer: Hi dear An average baby weighs btw 5 to 8 kgs in 5 months depending on the height , birthweight and other factors.It doesn't matter how much the weight of the baby is try to keep ur baby healthy by breastfèding atleat upto 6 mths.If u take healthy food ur baby also stays healthy and growth is also good.
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Question: My baby weight during the end of 5 th month of pregnancy is 288 gm. Is the weight is normal ?
Answer: Nai ya weight thora kaam h tenshion ki bat ni hsi bss apni diet achi rakho pait bhr k khana khao doodh peo or fruits jee bharrr k khaooo
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