2 months old baby

Question: What is the quantity of formula milk to be given to 2 months baby?

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Answer: Hi! Please offer 30-40 ml in every two hours also if he gives hunger cues and increase the qty if baby needs more but pls dont reheat or resuse formula milk hence to prevent wastage you need to prepare less and re prepare if needed more. Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby completes 5 months today . My baby is on formula feed. What is the ideal quantity of milk to be given to her.
Answer: Totally depends on baby.. however 120 ml or more is ok every 3 hrs
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Question: How much quantity of formula milk to be given to 8month old baby per day.??
Answer: Hi dear, your 8-month-old will still be taking 700 ml to 950 ml of formula or breast milk every day.
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Question: What should be the quantity of food given to baby
Answer: Hello! Quantity of food should be decided by the baby rather than us. Let the baby decide on the quantity as if you force feed the baby chances are that baby might loose the interest to eat. Hence it is better that we should let them decide on the quantity. Take care
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Question: What is the quantity of formula milk one time,2 months old baby?
Answer: 3scoops in 90ml Luke warm water
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