27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What is the procedure for 75g glucose test? Is it empty stomach or anytime of the day?

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Answer: It's empty stomach, u drink 75g glucose with water, note d time u took d last sip of it n then calculate 2 hrs, excate 2hrs from dat time u need to give ur blood for testing
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Question: Hi what is the accurate time for thyroid test??is it with empty stomach or we can go through the test anytime??
Answer: hello dear thyroid test is done on empty stomach itself..
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Question: what is glucose test? what's the procedure
Answer: Its a blood test. Just visit any lab they will take a blood sample for it. It is basically to check ur glucose level in ur blood.
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Question: Procedure of glucose tolerance test
Answer: Hello dear. The procedure involves giving you sugar 75 grams or 50 grams and then the sugar levels are checked at fasting levels i.e before taking sugar and after 1 hour of taking sugar and 2 hours of taking sugar. Hope it helps.
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