31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What is the normal pulse rate of a pregnant woman?. I'm having sometimes 123/128/130. Is this ok or shall I talk to my doctor

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Answer: 120 to 160 it's normal heart beat. Sometimes it will b changes no problem
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Question: My pulse rate reach 108 sometimes .I'm running in 4th month .Is this normal?
Answer: During pregnancy blood flow increases and along with that our pulse rate increases as well. Don't take any physical or mental stress and practice deep breathing exercises and meditation on daily basis, that will help.
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Question: hello i am 8 month pregnant my pluse rate is 123 but my bp is normal is this ok ?
Answer: Pregnancy during pregnancy body pump more blood and because of that your pulse beat can increase.. it is common. But to avoid anxiety practice deep breathing exercise and meditation. Hope it helps.
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Question: Why do I feel pulse or heart rate on my stomach is this healthy or what I am confused
Answer: Hey dear may be its gas thats wgy u r feelingb like this so dear take plenty of liquids nd water ,avoid oily spicy nd junk food take buttermilk coconut water nd lemonate too try it dear
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