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Question: What is the Normal idle time to wait for positive pregnancy test. I mean how many days should I wait..

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Answer: Hi dear u should wait for 1 week after missed period to make sure if u r pregnant or Not. Test ur pregnancy with the morning urine to get a correct result as it has max hcg
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    Anonymous Mom96 days ago

    I checked ..its 8 days late lmp was 12 its more than a week of waiting..what should i do symptoms of pregnancy and negative pregnancy test

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Question: Upto how many days i have to wait my pregnancy test to become positive
Answer: Once you miss your period . After intercourse sometimes after 10 days the result show positive
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Question: How many days wait for pregnancy test after ovulation??
Answer: Hi dear, You must wait for a week post missed period and test for not try testing early as the test might come negative.the pregnancy hormones need to rise enough to show positive result in test.wish you all the best!
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Question: Wen should I do test of pregnancy in home... Mean after how many days?
Answer: Hello, I'm happy to help. You'll have to wait until the first day of your missed period before taking a urine pregnancy test. This is usually about two weeks after conception. However, some tests are more sensitive than others and can be taken earlier. All the best. Take care.
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