8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What is the normal heart beats in sixth week of pregnancy

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Answer: Hello dear. The heartbeat is considered normal if it is between 110 to 160 bpm. Hope it helps.
Answer: Hi dear, By 6 weeks baby heartbeat should be above 120 beats per minute.
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Question: Is 168 heart beats is normal in 12th week?
Answer: 120 to 170 is normal heart rate of a fetus . Its quite normal dont panic
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Question: Irregular heart beats during pregnancy is normal?
Answer: An irregular heartbeat, medically referred to as an arrhythmia, is common during pregnancy. Approximately 50 percent of pregnant women experience some kind of irregularity in their heart rhythm. Although the exact cause of an irregular heart beat when pregnant is unclear, there are several factors that may contribute to an arrhythmia. Pregnancy changes the hormonal state of your body, increasing levels of estrogen and another hormone called β-human chorionic gonadotropin. This may affect the action of the cardiac ion channels, which allow sodium, calcium and potassium into and out of the cells to control heartbeat.
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Question: In which week of pregnancy father can hear heart beats of baby in mother's womb...?
Answer: Hi You can't feel your baby heart beat You can listen to it with the helps of Doppler device or during sonography You may as well hear it with the help of stethoscope post 19 weeks of pregnancy
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