28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: what is the need of uric acid test plus US KUB report n sgpt test?? pls help m confused my Dr has asked for the same

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Answer: uric acid test mera b hua n high aaya
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    Kajol Chellani1196 days ago

    but q hota he

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Question: What does a quadric test includes? My gynac has asked me to get SGOT n SGPT done? Is it related to the same??
Answer: hi dear! no quadruple test is not related with the sgot and sgpt these are liver enzymes dear and there are seen for any infection or if you have got any itching on the body dear. quad test — is a prenatal test that measures levels of four substances in pregnant women's blood: -Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP), a protein made by the developing baby. -Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), a hormone made by the placenta. -Estriol, a hormone made by the placenta and the baby's liver. -Inhibin A, another hormone made by the placenta. take care dear!
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Question: What is the purpose of albumin ,creatinine,uric acid test? Is it important for pregnancy lady
Answer: Hello dear, yes dear these all three tests are important to understand the condition of the renal system of your body. Higer level presence of any of the above in your blood or urine indicates certain problem in the kidney function. So, to confirm that these are mandatory tests for all pregnant women. Hope I meet your queries. Happy pregnancy.
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Question: i m 29 weks pregnant my uric acid report is 5.8 is there any risk for my baby& me?
Answer: Hello dear no not to worry take helthy diet be happy drink more water keep walking
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