38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What is the meaning of placenta- posterior Grade 3

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Answer: Grade 3 placenta means a mature placenta with significant calcium deposits. There are levels within this also, so there is no need to panic if baby is doing fine.Don't be worried. At least you already know you have a slightly more mature placenta earlier than average. Most placentas reach grade 3 by 39 weeks. It's not by itself a huge problem but it calls for extra monitoring - doctor will probably ask you for regular NST and keeping track of baby movements. The doctor may also want to induce you earlier than 40 weeks. Maybe at 37-38 weeks depending on overall assessment by doctor of fetal nutrition continuity.
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Question: What is the meaning of placenta posterior grade 2?
Answer: Hi.. Placenta is the one that, carries nutrients to baby it is placed backside wall of your uterus whi h means baby is front side that is stomach side grade 2 is maturity of placenta which is normal
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Question: what is the meaning of cephalic posterior placenta grade 2
Answer: Cephalic presentation - baby is in head first position, which is the most convenient option for normal delivery. There are many other positions that is not considered good for normal delivery Posterior placenta - placenta is posterior[lower] lying Grade 2 - that's age and maturity level of placenta.. Generally divided as 3 grades,, towards the end of pregnancy, ur placenta will be aged and will be at grade 3
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Question: What is the meaning of fundo-posterior grade I placenta?
Answer: Hi dear, Fundo- posterior is the placental position.where it is located upper back wall of uterus and it is the best placental position as it doesn't block the birth canal and also you can feel the baby movements properly.grade 1 placenta is the maturity or calcification of placenta.placental maturity starts by mid of 2nd trimester and it is graded from 0- 3,as the pregnancy progresses.
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