8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What is the meaning of cardiac activity because my ultrasound report shows that cardiac activity just shown what's its means plz tell

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Answer: Hi dear, INR USD cardiac activity means your baby's heart rate. The first important organ that a baby developed in mother womb is heart. So, a proper Heartbeat or cardiac activity indicates a healthy pregnancy.
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Question: What is the meaning of cardiac activity is well and apreciated ?
Answer: Hllo dear u r 9 weeks pregnancy its means that the heart beat of ur baby has comes nd heartbeat s also well notging to worry abht .its normal .Nothing to worry abht
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Question: My ultrasound report shows single intrauterine feotus unstable lie what is the meaning
Answer: Hello, Unstable lie means that the baby is moving and changing its position. until 36 or 37 weeks baby keeps moving now in whatever the position is in baby does not make any difference as baby keeps on changing the position until delivery time. Stay healthy and enjoy your pregnancy.
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Question: plz Reply I m 8th week of pregnancy but ultrasound shows 5 weeks 6 days of gestation without cardiac activity
Answer: Ultrasound dating is different.it shows the age of fetus from the time of fertilisation, not from LMP.cardiac activity can usually be seen from 7 weeks but only clearly with a vaginal ultrasound,which means if u had done abdominal usg u could have had cardiac activity but not detectable per abdomen.
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