5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What is the ideal range of beta HCG at 5th week? At 4th week my beta hcg was 130. Is it normal?? Or bit less??

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Answer: Hi Dear! Around 5 th week the range should be 18-7340 miU/ml.. Please consider showing your report to your gynae whi can help you more with the derails and as per the number its well within range.. Good luck!
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Question: If normal pregnancy in 5th week the normal range beta hcg level is
Answer: Hi dear, Usually by end of 6th week your BHcg levels should be above 1000. At 5 th week,it could be around 400.
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Question: If less than the normal range of hcg What is considered as
Answer: Well it depends how less is the HCG..I had less compare to the on giv n in charts but fortunately my HCG rise was healthy ,that is doubling in every 2-3 days..if that happens a then no need to worry about the range much..it it's way too less then doctor may give you beta HCG injections.dnt worry..coordinate with doctor
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Question: Hello, My beta HCg level in 4th week is 6800. Is it normal or high?
Answer: Hi dear generally 200 to 7099 is the hcg level in 5th week .don't worry. Its common tk have such difference ss it is not possible to know the exact date as when u conceived ur pregnancy. Stay calm. And don't get stressed much with these things. Eat well and stay active don't miss doctor visit.
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