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Question: What is the effect of thiroid in pregnancy

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Question: What is the effect of tulsi in 6 weeks
Answer: hii dear congratulations for ur pregnancy tulsi is an antibacterial agent which will heal ur infection naturally. Obviously moderate intake is advised. It will increase ur immunity and relieve u from nausea feeling during first trimester of pregnancy which is very common at that time. It also relieve throat pain if any and makes ur immuNity system strong. We have traditional culture in India to keep tulsi In each Hindu home. It has scientific logic also as tulsi plant is a natural purifier. It can clear the immunity fro. Area and do remove the bacteria from ur surrounding.
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Question: What is the effect of rubella in pregnancy??
Answer: Rubella in pregnancy can result in miscarriages, stillbirth and other complications once a person is positive with rubella they have to be treated properly and baby's development should be monitored on regular basis.
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Question: What is the effect of misscarage in pregnancy
Answer: Hi dear, miscarriage is really rough for any female and the effects will be during that time only which may include bleeding, cramps but once its all clean there would be no problem ni next pregnancy. Take care!
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