2 months old baby

Question: What is the dosage of D3 drop.. How long should be given

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Answer: Hii deae I gave it to my baby for 1st 6 months but it varies baby to baby. So do consult doctor to get a proper information about it.
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    Nithya VR885 days ago

    Tanku dear

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Question: At what age should Raricap drops (iron supplement) be given to babies ? What is the dosage? Any side effects of this drop ?
Answer: Hello Mommy, Raricap is a medication that is given only to babies with anemia. Anemia is a medical condition with low hemoglobin or low iron content in the baby's blood. This condition is tested via blood tests only. Please avoid giving any such iron medication without testing for anemia because overdosing when not required by the baby's body can cause deposits in the liver which maybe harmful to the brain and liver. Side effects of giving raricap is black stools(which are still considered normal) and possible frequent motions or constipation (either of the two).. take care and do consult with your baby's pediatrician before starting any medicine.
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Question: What should be the dosage of vitamin d3 for 5 months old
Answer: Hi dear if you check the back of the medicine it will be written but as far as the dosage is concerned if you are not sure then it will be better for you to ask your pediatrician once and then give usually as far as I remember it was 5 ml when it was prescribed to my baby . Hope this helps!
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Question: Could anyone suggest the dosage of vitamin D3 200 IU/drop
Answer: dear the it is said according to the weight and the month of the baby so we can't say any dosage the doctor only can say the how much quantity you should give the baby because it is according to the weight they are deciding it .
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