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Question: What is the difference between baby down position and head fixed.. How we know baby head is fixed

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Answer: Hello, baby in head down position means baby head is down near pelvic region ready for delivery. Baby head fixed means it's engaged to pelvic region and won't move and ready for delivery. You will feel bit pressure on your pelvic region if the head is down . If you press gently near your pubic bone and feel something round and hard, it’s your baby’s head . If you feel your baby’s hiccups lower in your belly, then the baby is head down. If you feel kicking near abdomen then your baby is in head down position. . 
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Question: What is the difference between babys head down and baby head fixed???? Plz help
Answer: Hi. Head down means baby's head is upside fown position. And bead fix means babies head is engaged in pelvis after which one can expect deli ery any time. Good luck.
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Question: How can we know that baby is in head down position ?? In which week feel the head down position ?
Answer: If ur baby is kicking on below of ur chest side....thn the baby is in head down position
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Question: How to know my baby position..doctor is saying that head position is fixed n it is towards down
Answer: Hi Dear! You can only understand or knw baby position through scans but Dr.s with their various experience can touch and feel the babg and is able to tell the position.. Hope this helps!
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