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Question: What is the cost of copper t and is it painful to take that after c section

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Answer: Hi It would cost around 4000-6000 for a 3 year copper t And it ain't painful it hardly takes 4-5 mins The pain is just a twitch Post that you won't even feel it Just that the flow increases during periods
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Question: Is it safe to insert copper t after the c section delivery after 10 days of menstrual period
Answer: Yes it's good to avoid unwanted pregnancy but you will get excess bleeding during your periods. If my answer is satisfied then mark as helpful.
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Question: Is coPper t method is good and is that painful?
Answer: Hi copper t is inserted by doctor it's a very small procedure doesn't involve much pain it protects up to 93 percent the only detected side effects is increased flow during periods there is no side effect apart from this so please think about this and you can proceed take care
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Question: Inserting copper-t is it painful procedure?
Answer: Hie Nope not at all it just a twich pain is less than the one by injection The entire procedure takes hardly 5-7 mins Post that you might feel mestrual like cramps for a day ask your gynaecologist for medicine. Regarding same
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Question: Is insertion of copper t painful? Are there any side effects of copper t?
Answer: Hello dear. You may feel pain or cramping when the copper t is inserted. Rest and a hot water bottle placed on your abdomen can help relieve the pain. Copper t may cause increased cramping and bleeding for several months after insertion. Take care.
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