18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What is the best way to clean bikini area in pregnancy, can we use Veet. Suggest a safest method that will not effect the baby

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Answer: some girls go for parlor till 7 months for Bikni wax. Rica oil wax is available. but u have to see, bcos I personally feel that place is very sensitive the pain will be unbearable. some use Venus breeze razor, some uses Veet cream. some use trimmer. now u have to see, in which u feel more comfortable without hurting to ur skin.
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    Sunita Khanna633 days ago

    I regularly use Veet but some of my friend said it's chemical based and can affect the baby so I was little confused

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Question: Can we do bikni wax in pregnancy? If not then cab we use veet? To clean private area
Answer: Hi.. Dear no you can not get bikni wax done during pregnancy, but you can use hair removal cream (after doing patch test)..
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Question: Can we use veet cream to clean genetal area
Answer: Hello, Very is not advisable to use during pregnancy because the strong smell can cause nausea or vomit and during pregnancy your skin gets extra sensitive so can react to any chemical easily. You can use razor or wax is the best solution. You will not get the itching and burning sensation after that moreover the growth after wax will be soft..
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Question: Can we use veet to clean our pubic area during pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear. Yes you can use veet to shave your pubic part.
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