13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What is the baby length ni 12 week of pregnancy

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Answer: Hi.. Dear by 12th week of pregnancy, the baby is approximately 2.1 inches lengthy and 0.40 ounces weights. Now toddler starts to get all his important body organs.
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Question: What is the length of baby at 14 week?
Answer: Hi dear, Baby should have length of 8.8 cm at 14 weeks.
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Question: What is the cervical length in 24 weeks of pregnancy?
Answer: Hi during this time the average cervical length is around 3.5 CMS. If it's shorter then sometimes that leads to preterm delivery.. however your doctor nwould be able to guide you on that one.
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Question: What is the significance of cervix length? If it is 3 cm during 7th week of pregnancy?
Answer: Reduce cervical length increase the chances of miscarriage Ideal cervical length should be 3.5 CM but don't worry and take rest avoid excessive bending avoid lifting heavy objects continue taking your medicine you need to be monitored frequently for the length of the cervix that is uterus opening. If there is progressive shortening you may require a cervical stitch to close the mouth of the uterus and it will be removed at 37weeks of pregnancy. If the cervical length remain same, then no worries.and if you notice abdominal cramps please consult your doctor immediately
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