28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What is the babies position at this stage

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Question: At this stage, what is the position of baby?
Answer: Hi.. You have reached third trimester of your pregnancy. Your baby 's weight is approximately 2 pounds now. During this time, mostly baby' s position is sideways. After 27th weeks of pregnancy, the weight of the baby 's Head increases, and it gradually starts to move downwards. During this time period, relax and don't take much tension.
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Question: hello dr. what is the best position to sleep at this early stage?
Answer: Throught out pregnancy it is suggested that you sleep on your side preferably the left side. You can use pillows under your hip or thigh as per your comfort. Avoid sleeping on ur stomach or back.
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Question: What is the position of baby at this stage?
Answer: This time baby position will change.... Nearly 33-36 week baby's head will be down in position
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