35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: what is LFT test in pregnency? My AST nd ALT in the reports are high..does it effects in future?

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Answer: Liver function test is basically done to understand the functioning of your liver with help of certain enzymes such as mentioned by you a s t a l t ALP the high level of these indicate a problem in functioning of your liver it includes problems such as hepatitis even cholestasis of pregnancy or gallstones bile flow problems and Marker for eclampsia for fatty liver or even low platelets and haemolysis it is important because increased liver enzymes affect babies growth and affect the pregnancy outcome
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Question: In LFT test, AST & ALT are 388 & 548. Is this serious prblm?? How can these value become less?
Answer: Hi, increased ALT and AST levels is abnormal in pregnancy and could indicate liver problem.you will need to undergo examination by a doctor to check for the cause of increased values.
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Question: My daughter is just four month old.she.has double .alt n ast in LFT test ..is it normal or not
Answer: hi dear as you have said that you are 4 month old has Alt and Ast double in the lft test which itself shows that it is not normal because it is double the range if something should be done and it is 20 then it is definitely not normal now this basically is caused due to the liver enzymes which are elevated in your baby's body and it can cause a lot of issues in babies including jaundice or bile ducts or other causes as well I would suggest please don't worry if it has been detected it will be diagnosed soon and please do follow what your doctor says in treating it.. Hope this helps!
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