37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What is symbol of water break. How much water leaks?

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Answer: It feels like u r peeing continuously, it starts from few drops to a continuous flow. Dont ignore it, if there is any doubt get it checked immediately else ther will be chances of infection to baby. Its perfectly normal no need to panic, avoid walking too much if there is leakage of water.
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Question: How much water leaks during last month of pregnancy
Answer: Typically, urine will have an odor. Vaginal fluidis usually white or yellow in color. Another way you can try to determine if the fluid is amniotic fluid is to first empty your bladder. Place a sanitary pad or panty liner in yourunderwear and examine the fluid that is on the pad after 30 minutes to an hour. If your waters break as a slow trickle or a leakit could be because the sac has a small opening where the amniotic fluid is draining. The water generally dribbles away intermittently (over hours or days) with movement from either you, your baby or with a contraction.
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Question: What is water break? How much time after water break delivery chances .
Answer: During pregency baby is surrounded by fluid called amniotic fluid. If you faced continues water going its called water break.basically first stared Labour pain and then water break but in some conditions water break first without labour pain is called premature rapture of membrane. In my delivery which is on 15 dec 2018 i got same then dr give me tablets for labour pain and my delivery done in 6 hrs mostly it take 10 to 12 hrs.
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Question: Water break means what? How much water amount
Answer: Hi dear, your baby is surrounded and cushioned by a fluid-filled membranous sac called the amniotic sac. And at the beginning of or during labor your membranes will rupture — also known as your water breaking. It depends upon women to women for me it was like 2 towel wet kind of water.
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Question: how much time. to reach hospital. after water break.
Answer: If ur water is flowing frequently start immediatlely to ur dr
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