25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: what is psedomonas spp bacteria infection and how how dangerous is it for a 13 wk pregnant women

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Answer: No matter what stage of pregnancy but pseudomonas SSP is a very serious bacterial infection...I don't mean to scare and I am sorry but it requires immediate medical attention as this may lead to fetal death also...if this bacteria is found in urine its very serious and the worst thing about this bacteria is when we start an antibiotic to cure it they may reduce in number for sometime but within few days or month they come back again with a solution to survive with the previous antibiotic you were given to kill them....In most of the cases your obstetrician will suggest you to get hospitalized and get IV drip as oral medications may not work that effectively and the hospital may even claim that this bacteria will die completely but there is no guarantee they will not come back....