8 months old baby

Question: What is right diet chart for 9 month baby

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Answer: Hello.. Dear for an nine month old baby,you can introduce our home made foods along with breast milk,and it is generally a practice to try all foods ,so that baby gain weight and immunity power,can introduce foods like Idly Khichdi Pongal Dhal rice Curd rice Uthappam Idyappam Can also introduce fruit juice,which contains essential nutrients for baby's growth,that includes.. Apple Chikoo Carrot Pappaya Watermelon Orange You can also steam apple or banana,in a steamer,feed in puree form,will also has lot of nutritional benefits You can introduce egg yolk, non veg soup,liver, but feed egg white, chicken, meat, fish after one year of birth
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Question: Diet chart for 9 month old baby
Answer: Make sure your baby’s food is soft to prevent choking. Here is a detailed schedule of what you can give your child at meal times and as snacks: DayBreakfast*Mid Morning Snack*Lunch*Afternoon Snack*Dinner*MondaySteamed dosaVeg SoupPlain PongalApple fingersHomemade CerelacTuesdayKheer (Sooji)Boiled eggCarrot KhichdiGrapePlain KhichdiWednesdaySoft, fluffy idlisMashed pearsSmall pieces of roti/phulka with paneerPapayaWheat almond porridgeThursdayOats PancakeBreadsticksPlain ghee riceChickoo mashRagi porridgeFridayRice cerealPumpkin rava sticksFlavoured riceCarrot fingersOats Apple PorridgeSaturdayWheat KheerYoghurtVegetable KhichdiFrozen bananaChicken soupSundayMashed banana pancakeBlueberries/cherries Fruits Berries such as blueberries, melons, cranberries, dates and figs, cherries, citrus fruits cut into 1/4ththeir size can also be given to your child. Always ensure these are completed cooked and either pureed or mashed before serving your baby . Vegetables Brocolli, Asparagus, potatoes, eggplant, cauliflower, mashed potatoes, onions, parsnips all which can be cooked and mashed 3. Meat and Egg Eggs, chicken and fish which are thoroughly cleaned and cooked should be served. Do not give any raw meat or runny eggs. 4. Water and Juices Your baby’s digestive system is still developing so make sure he gets plenty of water. Try making natural juices (no sugar) at home instead of processed juice. 5. Cheese and Other Dairy Products Cream cheese, cottage cheese or paneer, dahi or yoghurt, ghee, butter can be given in very small quantities to your baby. 6. Cereals Cooked quinoa, millets, whole wheat pasta (softened), rice and oatmeal are tasty options to give your baby 7. Grains Toast, small pieces of chapatti or flatbread, crackers 8. Legumes Mashed lentils, beans, soups made from legumes 9. Spices As your little one’s taste enhances, try using small quantities of Asafoetida, cloves, coriander, mustard, fennel, fenugreek, nutmeg, curry leaves, cinnamon, cardamom, bay leaf, turmeric, garlic while making their food.
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Question: What is healthy diet chart for 9 month baby
Answer: Hello! you can follow this complete healthy food chart Early Morning,Breakfast,Mid-Morning,Lunch,Afternoon,Dinner,Latenight Mon BM /Formula Steamed idli BM /Formula Khichdi with vegetables BM /Formula Vegetable pulao BM /Formula Tue BM /Formula Scrambled egg yolkwith bread BM /Formula Plain rice, toor dal and cauliflower curry BM /Formula Chapati with peas and potato curry BM /Formula Wed BM /Formula Suji Upmawith veggies BM /Formula Curd rice withmashed pumpkin BM /Formula Vegetable Fried rice with egg yolk BM /Formula Thu BM /Formula Ragi Dosa BM /Formula Daliya/ Broken wheat upma with vegetables BM /Formula Small aloo parantha BM /Formula Fri BM /Formula Avocado mash with buttered toast BM /Formula Chapati with chhole gravy BM /Formula Vegetable and noddle soup BM /Formula Sat BM /Formula Papaya and rice cereal BM /Formula Rice andfish curry BM /Formula Chapati with Bottlegourd curry BM /Formula Sun BM /Formula Stewed Pears with rice cereal BM /Formula Rice with mixed vegetablessoup
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Question: Baby diet chart for 9+ month baby
Answer: Hello dear... Your baby now has teeth and it is best to give him some work and practice chewing.. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot use puree at all..Foods like chapattis can be blended with some milk or vegetable soup so that they are easy to chew...Start the day with breastmilk or formula feed as this includes all the essential nutrients required for your baby’s growth..You can include options like moong dal chilla, plain dosa and upma for breakfast..Lunch being another important meal of the day in the food chart of your 9-month-old baby, it should comprise of carbohydrates with options like curd rice, soya khichdi and milky bread stew... For dinner you could give atta sheera, nutritious porridge and aloo paranthas...These will be rich in fiber and will be filling for your 9 month old keeping him full for a longer duration of time.. Hope this helps...
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