20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What is quadruple test mere AFP,HCG ,ESTRIOL tino kam h iska kya means h

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Answer: If it shows low risk then it's normal no risk
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Question: My hcg level is 384....what does this mean?
Answer: Hi, it means positive.at 5 weeks pregnancy 384 is good.Confirmation of pregnancy congratulations, happy for you.start taking folic acid tablet once daily to prevent baby neural tube defects.drink plenty of fluids.avoid excess spices and salts.take proper rest and have healthy diet.better to avoid intercourse, travelling and lifting heavy weights.better to get early pregnancy scan at 6-7 weeks.all the best
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Question: Breech position back towards left side shows in fetal position iska Kya means hota hai
Answer: इसका मतलब यह है कि अगर आप खड़े रहे तो आपके पेट में बच्चे का सर आपके सर की तरफ है और बच्चे का पैर आपके पैर की तरफ है इसको ब्रीच पोजिशन कहते हैं। इसके साथ आपको टुवर्ड्स लेफ्ट भी कहा गया है इसका मतलब यह है कि आपका बच्चे का सर थोड़ा लेफ्ट की ओर है।
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Question: my beta hcg test results show 596.6 miU/MI is it normal?? what does it mean??
Answer: Already answered ur query dear...ur beta HCG level is very low...so, please consult ur doctor as it does not indicate pregnancy
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