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Question: What is POD+ nd ovulation+

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Answer: Pcod means polycystic ovarian syndrome , it's a hormonal disorder causes enlarged ovaries with small cysts on the outer edges. Ovulation is a fertile period of time during menstrual cycle, when an ovary releases egg, which may then fertilised by sperm or dissolved during menstruation .
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Question: What is remedies for pod
Answer: Hello dear Pcod is just a syndrome and even with that u can get pregnant easily.. u need to exercise regularly and take proper medications with the help of a good gynecologist. Exercise is the actual solution to pcod and to conceive. Start walking twice a day 30 mins each and do some pelvic muscle exercises daily.
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Question: My ultrasound report seen small amount in pod...what is the meaning of pod?
Answer: Hi dear POD is pouch of Douglas actually after ovulation the follicles disappear innisfree pod pouch of Douglas is seen it has nothing to do with the your pregnancy at this moment .. Hope thia helps!
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Question: What is "No free fluid in POD" means in pregnancy?
Answer: First of all POD means pouch of doughlas. Any fluid in pod means infection, so what you told is normal
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