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Question: What is PI in Uterine artery Doppler

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Answer: Hi dear! So PI is the pulsatile index of the uterine artery and Doppler is the name of the test . It will let us know about the uteroplacental circulation. And if there is high pi then it indicates development of preeclampsia also pi usually decreases with the fetal crl (crown rump length) and maternal weight dear. Take care I hope this information is helpful to you.
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    kumari vinita119 days ago


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Question: bilateral uterine artery in doppler effect baby
Answer: Hello dear Bilateral uterine notching between 23-25 weeks of gestation is an independent risk factor for the development of early-onset preeclampsia and gestational hypertension. This is one of most common complication in pregnancy and is normal dear don't worry.. Consult your doctor dear.. He will suggest you some medications.. Trust and follow your doctor suggestions
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Question: What is average uterine artery PI=2raised PI(to watch for growth,liquor and pih)...right uterine artery PI=2.1...leftPI=2
Answer: It should be less than 1 but don't worry talk to ur doctor she might prescribe u ecosprine 150mg which is a blood thinner n ask u for follow up scan after 15 days trust me ur issue will definitely resolve n PI value will become normal I hv faced same problem in 12th week nt scan n it came out normal in 14th week... So don't worry visit ur doctor.
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Question: Hi, can anyone tell what does uterine artery doppler mean?
Answer: In women who develop preeclampsia there is a pathological increase in placental vascular resistance should be detectable by abnormal Dopplerf low studies of the maternal uterine vessels. In women considered at low risk with abnormal early pregnancy uterine artery Dopplerstudies are needed.
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