20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What is pe and fgr.. Is it a problem to worry about

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Question: What is fgr what happen if baby in fgr
Answer: Hi dear, FGR means foetal growth restriction.it is also called ,IUGR means intrauterine growth restriction. In this condition,baby doesn't grow to normal weight.and most of the time the baby is underweight and needs to be delivered early due to the complications.it could happen due to placental abnormalities,high BP in mother etc.it cannot be cured but regularly monitoring baby through scans can deliver baby early and safe.
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Question: Hi.. I'm 8 weeks pregnant and experiencing a little bleeding.. is it something to worry about??
Answer: Consult Ur doctor immediately .. the extent of bleeding will determine the treatment .. don't worry.. slight bleeding sometimes is not a big issue .. doctor shall guide u
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Question: I'm 9 weeks pregnant and i had a Brown spotting is it something to worry about?
Answer: Though spotting is very common in first trimester.. it is always advisable to consult your doc ..
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