33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: what is painless injection dat is given to newborn babies??

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Answer: painful vaccinations are natural and safe.  painless vaccines are some side effects -- painless vaccine are less immunity booster than painful. the dosage of painless vaccines that has to be given to your little one less is than painful injected. these vaccines are not antibody and their effects do not stay for long. painless vaccines are costlier than painful.
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Question: I have given painless vaccination in 6 th week for my newborn baby... Is it okay???
Answer: Hello dear There is no harm in giving painless vaccination and it is totally safe. In fact, u will have no fever, less cry and thus less pain in painless vaccination. Bas difference is that painless vaccination is more costly than painful vaccination.. Almost double the price.
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Question: Which injection should be given to baby painful or painless
Answer: Hi! There are painless and painful DPTs in India..the painful ones sometimes cause fever and the place where the inj is administered gets swollen and causes pain, whereas the painless ones do not have the above effects..and both the types are effective..except for dpt other vaccinations do not cause pain and fever. My paed always suggested to go for normal ones. Hence you can just discuss with your Paed and decide accordingly. Good luck!
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Question: Does all the caccinations given for the babies have an option of Painful and painless injection???Can yoi explain briefly..
Answer: There is no painful or painless injections. Anyways which injection will have pain. Its with fever or without fever. With fever it was 2400 and without fever it was 4k.i advise with fever coz we will know that the medicine will work.
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