40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What is pain inducing? My edd is 9th march.. cervix not open yet.. Doc told that till 17th march she will examine and check. Then she will induce pain to me.. I am very much afraid of pain induction... What is the procedure? What is the benefits for it? Doc is not doing c section...

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Answer: Even help me with the same
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Question: Hi ...my doc said cervix is not opened yet. This week checkup she said she will open it. What's thr procedure for that. I am bit tensed?
Answer: Hi, The doctor will open cervix manually or using special induction agents . This is a common procedure and should be relatively straightforward
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Question: My cervix is not open yet what will I do
Answer: Hi dear please don't worry since you are already 37 weeks pregnant it would happen soon but I have heard that more walking during this time and stimulating nipple helps in getting your cervix dilated you can try that they are absolutely safe to do .. Hope this helps!
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Question: 40 weeks pregnant my cervix is not yet open doctor we will wait for 1 more week and then will induce pain... pain induce karne ke paad cervix open ho jata he kya n is it good option
Answer: Yes it is safe Induction is like a natural labor and birth by causing contractions of the uterus. These contractions will dilate the cervix to prepare for the baby’s birth.all d best
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Question: Doctor told will put gel. Induce pain.. Where she will put gel what is the process
Answer: Hi.. if you won't get the labor pains naturally then the doc will advise you for induced pains. They will apply gel in your vaginal area and gives some pills to take it internally. You have to walk more.. the pains will gradually increase.. and tje contractions starts
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