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Question: What is NT NB scanning and purpose of this scan?

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Answer: An NT scan is a common screening test that occurs during the first trimester of pregnancy. This test measures the size of the clear tissue, called the nuchal translucency, at the back of your baby's neck. It's not unusual for a fetus to have fluid or clear space at the back of their neck.It is a specialized routine ultrasound performed between week 11 and week 13 of pregnancy. Fetuses with increased fluid at the base of their necks — a spot known as the nuchal fold — may have a chromosomalproblem such as Down syndrome. Hope this is useful
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Question: What is NT scan
Answer: Nuchal Translucency. It's a scan which measures a space behind the back of the baby's neck and also sees presence of the nasal bone. The radiologist looks for these soft markers to rule out syndromes like down syndrome.
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Question: I got my NT scan done and everything is normal, placental position is right anterior. Is this of any concern?
Answer: Dear if your NT scan is normal and there is no need to worry. Your placenta position is anterior it attaché itself to front wall of uterus . This is normal .
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Question: What is the rate of NT Scan?
Answer: It's price is different in different city and hospital. It's around 2000 rs.
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