2 months old baby

Question: What is normal temp for baby 1.5 months old baby and how to measure temp

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Answer: Hi,you can keep the thermometer below the arm pit for two mins I'd the temperature is above 98.6 then it means that baby is starting to get fever You should keep monitoring the fever so that the fever disent go too high and before that you give proper medicines to the baby As soon as the temperature reaches 99 you should give paracetamol drips as u bder Dr s consultation. Take care
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Question: How to make routine for my 1.5 months old baby????
Answer: itne chote bache ka routine ap bana b nahi skate dear.itna chota bacha apke control me nahi hota hia. uska kaam hi kya hai bas sona doodh pina r susu potty karna, abi ye sab mat socho. 3-4 month lagte hai bacho ak set hone me . day and night difference samjhne me.
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Question: Baby just had his vaccination and he is 3 months old.. what temp is considered normal.. and wat is fever temp.. he is 98.6 now us it normal
Answer: It is a slight fever. You can give 0.3 ml of Calpol (paediatric paracetamol) every 6 hrs if thr fever increases. Keep a thermometer handy and monitor the temperature. Do not give more than 0.3ml. it will reduce in a day.
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Question: How to measure body temp for ovalution check
Answer: Daily First morning check Your body temperature and note this... When the temperature is high this time is ur ovulation periods... Best idea is ovulation kit... Try it
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