30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What is thw normal range of afi in third trimester...29 weeks of pregnancy...

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Question: What is the normal range of plasma glucose PP in third trimester of pregnancy??
Answer: Plasma glucose level ranges up-to 140 is considered to be normal and above it is considered to be gestational diabetes.
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Question: What should the range of afi in 29 weeks
Answer: Amniotic fluid should all time be adequate in your pregnancy throughout your ultrasound scans amniotic fluid should be in the range of 10 to 18 which is considered normal in third trimester 10 to 14 is the range below 7 is considered immediate attention
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Question: What is the normal range of thyroid in third trimester?
Answer: Dear it needs to be within 3..as long as it is been maintained below 3 it's fine...
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